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The color of your food can tell you a lot about its nutritional value

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Vie Saine is a health care and wellness center that is dedicated to our patients, Driven by our passion and beliefs, and guided by scientific and professional principles and standards.

Valentine’s Day is all about loving…yourself!

From the beginning let me tell you this article is NOT about being selfish. It is about love, and getting the most of it by giving the most of it. So let me start by asking you a series of simple q...

That is wellness. Mind, body and soul: Truly!

This wellness concept has been catching on locally, nationally and globally like wild fire. It is not a fancy, a «new toy»one wants to play with. It is much more. It is a real, true and...

Emotional Intelligence: What it is and why is it so important?

Two letters defined the 20th century approach to quantifying human cognitive abilities: IQ. This test was created with the sole purpose of trying to quantify our abilities to think and a...

"The Greatest Wealth is Health"