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Eat The Rainbow

The color of your food can tell you a lot about its nutritional value

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Vie Saine is a health care and wellness center that is dedicated to our patients, Driven by our passion and beliefs, and guided by scientific and professional principles and standards.

Can We Live Healthier

Can we live healthier, lose weight and save the world?

You have heard of dieting, you have heard of weight loss plans, you have heard of protecting the environment a...


Perhaps no where is this more important than in the food and nutrition area of our lives. I know, you would probably say I am biased given the line of profession I am in. However, I would like a mo...

The wellness of thinking

By definition, thinking is a process that is both instinctive and learned. Think about it (Pardon the pun). When you think, you are doing what exactly? Not to get too philosophical but thinking is ...

"The Greatest Wealth is Health"